Albi – A missing piece of their pawzle

Albi, a young Jack Russell cross from Whitfield, Kent may be small in size but he has left a enormous hole in his family’s life following his disappearance on 5th October 2018 whilst out on his usual walk.

Missing Terrier cross Albi

Albi, the family’s other dog and their dad Carl went out for their normal early morning walk in local fields, a walk they’d done numerous times before when out of nowhere a large German Shepherd ran at Albi, spooked him and he ran off and unfortunately only the German Shepherd returned.

That was sadly the last time Albi was seen by his owners.

Whilst there were potential sighting of Albi in the first few days, there have been no reported sightings since.

The family followed recommended scenting advice from DogLost but this didn’t result in Albi returning to the place he was last seen. They even brought in a K9 tracker and the beagle did track a scent along a coastal road and down to a disused railway line but after the bad weather the scent disappeared.

The family and police share the same belief; Albi has likely found and kept. Maybe because, after days of trying to make his own way home he looked underweight and unloved, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sharon says “I can’t describe in words the hell we are going through, we are literally broken. None of us have had a full nights sleep since that day and Albi is on my mind 24/7. I’ve slept downstairs near the front door, just in case he finds his way back to us and scratches on the door. Our lives are on permanent hold – we’ve held off on our house exchange and cancelled holidays as all we want is him home. Nothing else matters.”

Describing Albi, Sharon says “He’s an energetic and extremely loving little boy who loves long walks and running around with his ‘brother’ in the fields. At 9pm he’s ready for a sleep and will climb on me for a cuddle and falls asleep, snoring loudly. I miss him following me to the bathroom and sitting on my feet while I brush my teeth or seeing his wet nose pressed up against the shower screen, waiting for me to get out.”

Albi is a loving little boy who needs to be home with his mum, Sharon

To the person that may have Albi or knows what happened to him, the message is clear. “If you have him, don’t think we don’t love him because we do, don’t think he is unwanted because that’s absolutely not the case. Please do the right thing and end our suffering, bring him home, take him to any vets, call the dog warden or DogLost – whatever it takes to bring him back to me or if you know what happened to him, please tell us as the not knowing is excruciating”

Albi is microchipped and neutered so he can’t be used for breeding.

  • Albi’s breed: Terrier cross Poodle
  • Albi’s sex: Male
  • Date Albi went missing: 5th October 2018
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Wearing ID/Collar: Yes

Albi’s Facebook page can be found here

If anyone has any information on Albi, then please call DogLost on 0844 800 3220 quoting dog ID 135260

Tilly – A missing piece of their pawzle

I’m still to meet a dog owner (or dog mama/papa) who doesn’t like a blast of fresh air and a good weekend walk with their favourite four-legged pal and Victoria Calcutt and her precious Tilly the Tibetan Terrier were no exception. 

On the 15th September 2018, Tilly and her family did what they love to do; grabbed the lead, Victoria pulled on her walking shoes and they headed out for their usual walkies near their home in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire. Neither expected this to be their last walk together, neither expected this to be their last day together.  Whilst in the fields at the back of her home, Tilly was approached by eight loose dogs, one of which rolled her over which spooked her and she ran. 

Tilly loves nothing more than wackies with her family

Tilly ran onto a main road which runs adjacent to the field and drivers did try to catch her but she disappeared and was next seen 3.5 miles away in North Leigh.

Sadly, from this point on there have been no more sightings and despite months of extensive searching and a very active social media campaign to find Tilly, there have been no further confirmed sightings. It’s now believed that Tilly could have been found and kept – maybe not knowing that her family are looking for her or maybe in a bid to sell her.

I’ve been in regular contact with Victoria and I get a true sense that Tilly isn’t “just a dog”, she is a massive part of the family and the devastation and heartbreak is palpable. 

There have been no reported accidents involving a dog and whilst there are muntjacs in the area, Tilly’s body has never been found despite daily searches.

Tilly is spayed and her microchip which has been updated to show that she is missing. The family have also reported her disappearance and potential theft to the Thames Valley Police who have been very supportive.

Victoria and Tilly
  • Tilly’s breed: Tibetan Terrier
  • Tilly’s sex: Female
  • Date Tilly went missing: 15th September 2018
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Wearing ID/Collar: Yes
  • Distinguishing Marks: Tilly has a small scar on her tummy.

The family understand that someone may have found Tilly and believed that she was unwanted or a stray and kept her or maybe someone bought her from someone not knowing the true story; however, Tilly isn’t unwanted and is not a stray. Tilly is very much missed by all of the family and they need her back home where she belongs. 

Tilly’s Facebook page can be found here

If anyone has any information on Tilly, then please call DogLost on 0844 800 3220 quoting dog ID 134463

Sham – A missing piece of their pawzle

In my my short time volunteering for DogLost, no family appeal has haunted me more than Sham’s. Caroline, Sham’s mama has an eloquence I could only wish for and her “letter to whoever has Sham” is a soul bearing testament to how much she loves her.

Sham lived with her family in Radcliffe, Manchester and was central to the family. She was always there for Caroline through her pregnancy, loving nothing more than sitting on her tummy and eating apple and was also the reason why her son laughed for the first time.

Family devoted Sham – Missing since 3rd June 2017

Sadly, 14 happy years together was brought to a painful and abrupt end when Sham managed to escape through the front door of her home on 3rd June 2017 after a visitor called to see the family.

They searched the area extensively for Sham but she was never found, she was never reported as found to the local dog warden and there were no dog-related traffic accidents reported – it’s like she walked out of the door that day and disappeared.

The family know that time isn’t on Sham’s side and if she is still alive, she’ll be a very old lady now, so if by some complete miracle you are reading this and know where Sham is or what happened to her, on behalf of the family I plead with you to get in touch. It’s only fair after the years of happiness and laughter she brought to her family, Sham is returned to her family in her golden years or the family are given some closure.

  • Sham’s breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Sham’s sex: Female
  • Date Sham went missing: 3rd June 2017
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Wearing ID/Collar: Yes
  • Distinguishing Marks: Sham was sadly deaf and partially sighted when she went missing

Izzy – A missing piece of their pawzle

Meet Izzy

There’s always that one dog, that one case that draws a person to DogLost and Izzy, an apricot Cockapoo is mine.

The day I heard about Izzy, I was working for a pet related Charity as their PR and Social Media Manager and I took a call from a lady called Dawn who wanted to try and raise the profile of her missing dog, Izzy. I promised, as we were local, to add her story to our social media platforms in the hope someone had found Izzy and didn’t realise that her family were out looking for her.

There was something in Dawn’s voice that day – fear mixed with what seemed like sheer panic.

Sadly nearly four years later, Izzy is still missing.

This is what we know of the day she went missing….

Izzy’s home in Radcliffe, Manchester was being renovated and sadly, a person working on the renovation left the front door open and Izzy escaped.

There have been no confirmed sightings since that day but her family have never given up and whilst the physical search has stopped, the online and social search continues – someone out there must have Izzy or at the very worst, know what happened to her.

Missing dog – Izzy
  • Izzy’s breed: Cockapoo
  • Izzy’s sex: Female
  • Date Izzy went missing: 16th February 2015
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Wearing ID/Collar: Yes a pink one
  • Distinguishing Marks: Izzy has a light brown, almost pink nose

If you know what happened to Izzy on the day she went missing, please do let her family know or maybe you acquired a Cockapoo that looks like Izzy back in early 2015 and you think it might be her, you can easily check by having her scanned for a microchip.

Izzy’s Facebook page can be found here

Izzy’s mum and the young children in her family are still as devastated today as they were the day she disappeared so please help bring her home.