Willow – A missing piece of their pawzle

Freya Woodhall’s “shadow” Willow, a young female Sprocker was just that. Always at her heal, never strayed and always looked for “mum” on walks but sadly on Monday 17th September 2018, that all changed. 

Willow and her Romanian rescue fur-sister were enjoying time in their own back garden in Homer, Much Wenlock, Shropshire, a place that should have been safe, but that morning Willow disappeared and her sister was found in the family’s front garden.

What happened to Willow on that morning still remains a mystery but what the family is 100% confident of, is Willow did not just escape and run off.

Within the first hour of Willow’s disappearance, neighbours and friends were out looking for her and all local farmers were informed and by mid afternoon half of the village had joined the search. When Willow hadn’t returned or been found by early evening, Freya reported Willow missing.

The family followed recommendations from DogLost to hang unwashed clothing out, put the contents of their hoover out and they cooked sausages on a BBQ for over two weeks but none of it brought Willow home, further emphasising their belief that someone has Willow.

Since those initial few days, there have been no reports of dog-related traffic accidents and the local dog warden has never collected Willow.  The family and local community have left no stone unturned and no place unchecked; therefore the only conclusion that can be reached is that Willow was either taken from her own garden or has been found and kept (theft by finding). This conclusion is also shared by West Mercia Police who have now classed her as stolen. 

Willow, stolen Spocker with mum Freya

Whilst Freya tries to remain strong, privately it’s like the sun has been stolen from her life “Willow was my shadow, my buddy, she went everywhere with me and I am lost without her. She’s never far from my thoughts and I feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness” 

It may be that the person that now has Willow acquired her from someone else. They may have bought Willow without knowing that she was stolen and they may now love Willow as their own but the family is asking anyone who did purchase a young female chocolate brown Sprocker, that looks like Willow since September, to take her to any local vet and have her scanned. 

Willow is microchipped and is also spayed so she can’t be used for breeding. 

“I will never give up searching for Willow, she’s part of this family and should be home with us. There have been recent cases of dogs being reunited with their loving owners after three or even six years so I hold on to that every day. Obviously, I would give anything for us to get that call tomorrow so that we don’t have to endure any more heartache but we will not give up”

  • Willow’s breed: Sprocker
  • Willow’s sex: Female
  • Date Willow went missing: 17th September 2018
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Wearing ID/Collar: Yes

Willow’s Facebook page can be found here

If anyone has any information on Willow, then please call DogLost on 0844 800 3220 quoting dog ID 134537